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What will daily life be like tomorrow? Geneva is one of the main hubs of global negotiations searching for an answer to this question. Citizens, civil society, journalists, students, researchers, international servants, NGOs, artists, writers, photographers, films makers, experts, decision makers, enterprises, farmers and everyone worldwide all need to know what is at stake in their field of activity. 

www.sneezz.info is an accessible, concise and independent digest of "the best of Geneva’s planetary agora" based on a aggregation of international press and independant articles. This platform will provide actors the context to play their role as global citizens. 

At www. sneezz.info we will snort and we will sneeze the information.

Violence. 8chan: the far-right website linked to the rise in hate crimes

FAR RIGHT. Three attackers in six months allegedly posted their plans on the site in advance. Why is it allowed to operate openly?
The suspect in the massacre that left 51 Muslims dead in Christchurch, New Zealand, allegedly posted a white nationalist screed and link to his Facebook live feed on 8chan, a far-right message board and notorious bastion of hate speech.

The Mytilini Declaration for the Dignified Treatment of all Missing and Deceased Persons and their Families as a Consequence of Migrant Journeys

LASTRIGHTS. On the 11 May 2018, following two days of discussions between experts from across the world, the Mytilini Declaration was agreed.

Le nouveau roman de Murakami fait polémique à Hong Kong

INDECENCE. Le nouveau roman de Haruki Murakami, Killing Commendatore, est perçu comme "indécent" par la justice hongkongaise. Haruki Murakami, fer de lance d'une littérature décomplexée particulièrement quand il s'agit de décrire des scènes d'amour sensuel, vient de voir sa dernière œuvre, Killing Commendatore mal accueillie à Hong Kong.

Dans la région chinoise de Xinjiang, des logiciels espions dans les smartphones des touristes

ABEILLES. Des centaines de voyageurs se rendant dans la région de Xinjiang se font installer, à leur insu, un logiciel sur leurs smartphones permettant aux autorités de récolter leurs données personnelles, selon l’enquête de cinq médias internationaux.


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