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www.sneezz.info   is an interactive website on global activities, observing the Lake Geneva Region and the creative Wide World, where major challenges facing mankind are addressed.

What will daily life be like tomorrow? Geneva is one of the main hubs of global negotiations searching for an answer to this question. Citizens, civil society, journalists, students, researchers, international servants, NGOs, artists, writers, photographers, films makers, experts, decision makers, enterprises, farmers and everyone worldwide all need to know what is at stake in their field of activity. 

www.sneezz.info is an accessible, concise and independent digest of "the best of Geneva’s planetary agora" based on a aggregation of international press and independant articles. This platform will provide actors the context to play their role as global citizens. 

At www. sneezz.info we will snort and we will sneeze the information.

Les négociations sur Rio+20 avancent péniblement

Berne (Office fédéral de l’environnement), 27.03.2012 - La Conférence de l’ONU sur le développement durable Rio+20 aura lieu du 13 au 22 juin 2012 à Rio de Janeiro, mais aucun résultat satisfaisant pour la Suisse n’est encore en vue.

Green economy: mobilizing business-driven solutions

Interview. with Peter Bakker, new President of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

What is the role of the WBCSD?

Economie verte: mobiliser les solutions des entreprises

Interview. avec Peter Bakker, nouveau Président du Conseil mondial des entreprises pour le développement durable (WBCSD)

Quel est le rôle du WBCSD ?

The Road to Rio: Regions Building the Green Economy

The event, hosted on March 7 and 8, 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland by the R20 and the Association of European Regions (ARE), bring together regional leaders and experts from around the world to pave the way


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