Why Lybians are turning to smugglers to escape

CASH CRISIS Increasing numbers of Libyans are breaking a long-standing taboo and fleeing across the Mediterranean. Four Libyans explain why seven years after the revolution they must find a way out even if it means using smugglers.

Burned Bodies and Chaos on the Streets: Here's What's Happening with the Riots in Chile

VIOLENCE The charred remains of five people were discovered in a garment factory set fire by protesters on the outskirts of Chile’s capital Santiago Sunday, as weeks of simmering protests over inequality turned violent.

Rwanda, Suisse et Église: de nouvelles Révélations.

MOCHE Philippe Ekeke -journaliste camérounais- est allé à la rencontre du journaliste Jean Musy, coauteur de "Rwanda, l'honneur perdu de l'Eglise"(Éd. Golias 1999) qui documente la face cachée du génocide au Rwanda..

Violence. 8chan: the far-right website linked to the rise in hate crimes

FAR RIGHT. Three attackers in six months allegedly posted their plans on the site in advance. Why is it allowed to operate openly?
The suspect in the massacre that left 51 Muslims dead in Christchurch, New Zealand, allegedly posted a white nationalist screed and link to his Facebook live feed on 8chan, a far-right message board and notorious bastion of hate speech.


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