Security. Un robot pour déminer

DIG IT. C’est dans la commune de Tavannes (Jura bernois) que s’est établie une entreprise très particulière qui a développé et produit plusieurs machines aux allures de chars d’assaut.

New Tech. Halifax uses heartbeat sensor to secure online banking

SECURITY. ECG signals could replace online banking passwords following a successful trial by Halifax. 

Environment. Judging the civilian and environmental risks of cyber warfare

CYBERATTACKS. How much of a threat do cyber attacks on industrial infrastructure pose to civilians and the environment? More to the point, how do we judge the environmental acceptability of new forms of warfare, or current practices for that matter? Doug Weir takes a look.

Long Story. The Untold Story of Silk Road, Part 2/2

THE DESCENT WAS stunning. Chris Tarbell, a special agent from the New York FBI office, was in a window seat, watching a green anomaly in a sea of blue as it resolved into Iceland’s severe, beautiful landscape.


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