Middle East. The environmental consequences of Iraq’s oil fires are going unrecorded

TOXIC. Oil facilities have been targeted during conflicts since the start of mechanised warfare. It is a practice that can have serious consequences for the environment and human health. Oil fires started by Islamic State in northern Iraq have now been burning for months, exacerbating an already serious humanitarian crisis, but right now nobody seems to be monitoring their impact on the ground. 

Literature. Two Years, Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights. Salman Rushdie

THE WAR OF THE WORDS. Passengers on a train sweeping through the Belgian countryside overpower a man who emerges from the toilets carrying an automatic weapon and bent on destruction; quick thinking and courageous action avert carnage, disaster. But one summer evening, in a church in South Carolina, disaster is not averted: nine men and women die when a young man, also carrying an automatic weapon, opens fire.

Movies. Congress celebrate the "Snowden" movie by slamming Snowden

CLINTON AND TRUMP aren’t the only ones campaigning this fall.

Whistleblowers. Soutenir Edward Snowden, maintenant

EXIL. Une pétition réclame la grâce du lanceur d'alerte, un biopic signé Oliver Stone sort bientôt en salles : alors que les deux candidats à la Maison Blanche sont loin de montrer des signes de clémence, il est temps de faire bouger les lignes.


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