Global Health Capital Geneva. A good place for civil society advocates?

NGO'S. There is a vision, mainly expressed by the Swiss Foreign Office and some Geneva actors, to position Geneva as a “Global Health Capital”.

Conférence. La question climatique, au-delà des négociations

SIGNAL. La conférence de Lima sur le climat est arrivée à son terme sans grand faste, avec des résultats en deçà de ce que l’on pouvait attendre.

Today. Human Rights Council failing to fulfil its core mandate, finds new think tank analysis

UNIVERSAL RIGHTS. When the Human Rights Council was established in 2006 following a decision of UN Heads of State, its founders envisioned it as a body with a core mandate to ‘address situations of violations of human rights, including gross and systematic violations, and make recommendations thereon.’

Forests for Food - Food for Forests

GREEN FOOD. Every year the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the Food and Agricultural Organization celebrate the International Day of Forests in order to raise awareness on the role of forests in our society.


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