Nature. Les oiseaux entendent les tornades avant tout le monde.

BIRDY. Au printemps dernier, le Tennessee vivait un épisode météorologique d’une violence exceptionnelle. Entre le 28 et le 30 avril, pas moins de 84 tornades s’abattaient sur l’Etat, tuant 35 personnes et causant plus de 1 milliard de dollars de dégâts.

Nature. Swiss National park’s plants hold secrets of past, keys to future.

National Parks. August 11, 2014. At the 100-year-old Swiss National Park, research has always been the highest priority. There, the longest-running meadow observation project in Switzerland has defied expectations and uncovered buried secrets. 

Climate change's: George Harrison memorial tree falls victim to climate-driven irony.

Tree. July 21, 2014. In the truth is stranger than fiction department, Los Angeles Councilman Tom LaBonge, whose district includes Griffith Park, told Pop & Hiss over the weekend that the pine tree planted in 2004 near Griffith Observatory in memory of George Harrison will be replanted shortly because the original tree died as the result of an insect infestation.

Big, old trees keep growing and capturing carbon, study finds.

Environment. January 15 2014. Scientists who gathered decades of measurements from hundreds of thousands of trees all over the world are punching a hole in the common assumption that large, old trees are biologically pretty much over the hill.


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