Music. Le belge Arno présente "Human Incognito" en concert ! « Je veux vivre dans un monde où Dieu serait amoureux »

MOTHERFUCKER. Avec son nouvel album "Human Incognito" sous le bras, le belge Arno est actuellement sur les routes.

Photography. The Photographer Who Captured Bob Dylan’s Electric Transition

BOOK. Daniel Kramer took intimate photographs of Bob Dylan during the musician’s transformation from king of folk to rock pioneer. Here they are in a beautiful new book.

Music. Will We Ever Hear the Hundreds of Songs Prince Left Behind?

DEEP IN THE bowels of Paisley Park, the recording studio compound Prince built in Chanhassen, Minnesota, lies a room-sized vault. It looks like something you’d find in a bank, with a big wheel on the door and a spinning combination lock only a few people can open.

Music. The reign is over. Prince 1958-2016. RIP


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