Why Lybians are turning to smugglers to escape

CASH CRISIS Increasing numbers of Libyans are breaking a long-standing taboo and fleeing across the Mediterranean. Four Libyans explain why seven years after the revolution they must find a way out even if it means using smugglers.

The Mytilini Declaration for the Dignified Treatment of all Missing and Deceased Persons and their Families as a Consequence of Migrant Journeys

LASTRIGHTS. On the 11 May 2018, following two days of discussions between experts from across the world, the Mytilini Declaration was agreed.

Migrants subsahariens: loin de l'explosion

EUROPE Une étude montre que les migrations subsahariennes sont loin de représenter un risque de «submersion» en Europe. 

L'Afrique subsaharienne est loin de représenter un risque de «submersion» migratoire en Europe, selon une étude de l'Institut national d'études démographiques (Ined) publiée mercredi. Elle est appelée selon l'Onu à représenter 22% de la population mondiale d'ici 2050.

UN. Election of the IOM Director General – A wind of change in migration policy?

SECRET BALLOT With the election on 29 June 2018 of Portugal’s Antonio Vitorino as new Director General of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the traditional lead of the organisation by the Unites States (US) will come to an end.


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