Jordan. Syndicate wants detained journalist free

AMMAN. July 10, 2015 --The Jordan Press Association (JPA) on Thursday called for the release of Al Rai journalist Ghazi Mrayat who was detained after violating a gag order preventing media from publishing news on a foiled terror plot.

Report. The status of Human Rights in the Arab World. Emperor El-Sisi’s New Clothes

EGYPT CASE. Abdel Fatah Said Husein Jalil El-Sisi could be the main character of the real-life 21st century version of the traditional tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

Photos Instagram : le choix du Prince

ARTS. Pour avoir exposé sa série de photos volées sur Instagram, l’artiste américain Richard Prince est aujourd’hui combattu par ses «sujets». Analyse d’une démarche qui reformule notamment les modalités du portrait pictural.

Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht sentenced to life in prison

ROSS ULBRICHT CONCEIVED of his Silk Road black market as an online utopia beyond law enforcement’s reach. Now he’ll spend the rest of his life firmly in its grasp, locked inside a federal penitentiary.


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