Medecine. The race to find an Ebola vaccine

FAST. Switzerland is playing a central role in the development of a vaccine against Ebola with trials underway in Lausanne and Geneva hospitals.

Biological Technologies. Hand Proprioception & Touch Interfaces (HAPTIX).

RESEARCH. While U.S. soldier fatalities have dropped in recent years, the prevalence of powerful explosives on the battlefield has resulted in a large number of veterans suffering from upper limb amputations.

CrossFit: les forçats de l'haltère.

Reportage. De l’haltérophilie à la course à pied, cette méthode de musculation rassemble des adeptes de plus en plus nombreux dans des salles de gym spartiates où la sueur est reine. L’objectif ? Une remise en forme intensive dans un esprit ultra communautaire, à l’opposé du fitness.

Study. Effects of recurrent violence on post-traumatic stress disorder.

Study. After mass conflicts, countries are at increased risk of recurrent episodes of communal violence and upheavals that adversely affect social, economic, and political development.  However, no studies have assessed the effect of repeated communal violence on mental health of citizens in these settings.


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