Health. La Fondation Gates, incontournable acteur de la santé mondiale

PATRON. L'organisme caritatif du milliardaire américain dispose d'un budget annuel deux fois plus important que celui de l'OMS.Cinq années « d'opportunité fragile » contre le sida.

Greece. Government proposes tax amnesty for funds parked in Switzerland

BILLION. Greece has proposed a tax amnesty in an effort to collect revenue on billions of euros that its citizens are believed to have quietly stashed in Swiss bank accounts.

Interview. Thomas Piketty : ceux qui cherchent le Grexit « sont de dangereux apprentis-sorciers »

ACTUEL. La Grèce peut-elle rester dans la zone euro ? Doit-on annuler la dette grecque ? Une interview de Thomas Piketty, économiste et auteur du « Capital au XXIe siècle » pour Le Monde.

Greece. The Greek catastrophe is finally here (unless it isn’t)

GREEK DRAMA. It was a grim weekend in Greece, and it’s likely to be an even grimmer week ahead, both for the Greeks and the European (and possibly world) economy. What would  normally be the beginning of the profitable tourist season — a summer idyll in the lovely Greek islands and crowds piling into the Parthenon — has turned into the next chapter of the slow-motion economic train wreck that the world has been witnessing queasily since 2011.


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