Big Data. Our smartphone choice could determine if you'll get a loan

EVERY TIME YOU visit a website, you leave behind a trail of information, including seemingly innocuous data, like whether you use an Android or Apple device. And while that might feel like a mere personal preference, it turns out that lenders can use that type of passive signal to help predict whether you'll default.

Movie. Periptero: je t'aime moi non plus. Un projet de crowdfunding.

Finance. Les banquiers suisses ont le blues, la transparence leur est imposée

2018. La Suisse passera en 2018 à l’échange automatique d’informations fiscales avec 38 pays dont ceux de l’UE. Les banquiers commenceront la collecte l’année prochaine. Ils s'offusquent de cette marche forcée vers la transparence, qui laisse cependant un répit à la clientèle fortunée des pays émergents, comme la Russie.

What would a recreational marijuana market in California look like?

GROOVY. Cannabis will be taxed more than tobacco, marketed like wine, funded like the riskiest of start-ups and grown under bank-like security.

That’s the emerging vision of what California’s consumer market for marijuana, expected to be worth $6 billion by 2020, is going to look like after voters on Tuesday approved recreational use of cannabis.


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