Medias. Playboy trades nipples for good design

SEXY. After 60 years of brazen nakedness, Playboy’s March issue is safe for work. Or rather, it’s somewhat suitable for work. It really depends on where you work.

Photography. Oded Balilty: See the Hidden Life of a Mannequin

MODEL. Although the cameras are often pointed at world-class models flaunting cutting-edge fashion trends on the runway, it is the mannequins in pedestrian display windows -from Manhattan’s luxurious Fifth Avenue displays to Beijing’s small shop windows- with whom most consumers identify.

Art. Google Cultural Institute. Des partenariats Public-Privé aux partenariats Public-commun

VIRTUEL Le Google Cultural Institute est un site web développé par Google dans le but de « rendre du matériel culturel important disponible et accessible à tous et de le préserver numériquement pour éduquer et inspirer les générations futures »

Art and design. Into the orgasmatron! The Institute of Sexology hits the spot

EXHIBITION. I am sitting inside a small, metal-lined cabinet trying my utmost to feel sexually charged. This is a recreation of Wilhelm Reich’s “orgone accumulator”. The psychoanalyst claimed that if you sat inside his machine, preferably naked, it would unleash your inner libidinous energy.


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