Media. Vice prêt à lancer une douzaine de chaînes de télé

TELE. Le média branché et provocateur, qui a reçu le soutien d’aînés très respectables, vise les Etats-Unis mais aussi beaucoup l’Europe.

FACES. European Portrait Photography since 1990

PORTRAITS. This is an important collaboration of three European institutions; the BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts (Brussels, Belgium), the Nederlands Fotomuseum (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) and the Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki, who after a fruitful collaboration, present an exhibition of international stature along with its catalogue.

UN. Zuckerberg to the UN: The Internet Belongs to Everyone

HOODIE. A reputation is a  hard thing to shake. Like when a UN moderator introduces Mark Zuckerberg by commenting that he is almost unrecognizable without his hoodie. Zuckerberg hasn’t worn a hoodie in nearly three years.

In fact, he was looking remarkably comfortable in his suit at the UN last weekend as he joined a group of speakers from global NGOs.

Drones for good. Switzerland begins postal delivery by drone

ALPS. Swiss postal service says tests will run until the end of July although the widespread use of drones is not likely to kick in for another five years. Switzerland’s postal service said  it had begun testing parcel deliveries by unmanned drones, although widespread use of the flying postmen is not likely to kick in for another five years.


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